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Document Storage you can trust

From a legal point of view, losing important documents like Wills can be catastrophic.
They should be kept securely and with reliable access.
At White Deer Legal, we have the solution.

Physical Storage

Our physical document storage facility will ensure that your Will and other important documentation will be safely and securely stored in a professionally maintained and managed environment. There is no charge for retrieval of your documents.

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Digital Storage

We will also provide you with premium access to Auderli (usually £49.99 per year). Auderli is a secure, simple and intuitive application designed to help you organise and share your important life information in one safe space. For more information about Auderli, click here to visit their website.

Why Should You Use Our Secure Document Storage?

Protection against damage or loss: Paper-based documents can be easily damaged, lost or destroyed. Storing your documents securely ensures that they are protected from harm.
Controlled Access: Having secure document storage means that you can control access to only your authorised individuals.
Confidentiality: Wills often need to be kept confidential, to reduce the risk of them falling into the wrong hands.
Reduced Risk of Forgery or Alteration: Keeping your documents secure means they have increased protection against unauthorised alterations or forgery.
Peace of Mind: Ensuring that your documents are kept securely means that you reduce the risk of disputes or uncertainties from lost or unlawfully changed documents.
Registration on the National Will Register: Your Will is registered with the National Will Register.
What if I want to store my Will at home?

If you are storing the original, signed version of your Will and it cannot be found after your death, there can be repercussions. Legally it can be presumed that your Will has been lost or destroyed. This means that the instructions on the Will may not be carried out.

We believe that our secure document storage offering is the perfect way to protect your Will.

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