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Why Do I Need This?

Creating a Lasting Power of Attorney (also known as an LPA) is essential for those who want to ensure that their loved ones or trusted contacts can make important decisions on their behalf.

We're here to assist you in setting it up, providing you with the reassurance that the necessary provisions will be in place when needed.


What Are The Different Versions?

Property and Financial Affairs

The Property and Financial LPA lets your attorneys supervise and make decisions about your financial matters and property either with your permission or if you are no longer capable of making decisions yourself.

The following are examples of what your designated attorneys will be able to undertake on your behalf: -

Buy or sell property
Operate bank accounts and manage savings
Claim welfare or pension benefits
Manage tax affairs
Pay mortgage, rent and general expenses
Insure and maintain your property
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Health and Welfare

Through a Health and Welfare LPA, your attorneys will have the power to make decisions regarding your medical treatment and daily care.

To clarify, this version will only take effect if you are no longer capable of making decisions for yourself.

Examples include:

Making decisions on where you live and your day-to-day care
Arranging medical, dental, or optical care you may need
Consenting to or refusing certain medical treatments

A business LPA has many benefits because it allows someone to make business decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so. It is a good solution for partners, shareholders or sole traders as it can allow someone to make decisions for you if illness or travel mean that you can’t make decisions for the business.

Having this type of LPA in place won’t affect your ability to run your business if you are able to do so but it can simplify issues if you travel abroad regularly or during other times of need. It allows you to protect the running of your business and leave decision making capabilities with someone you trust.

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Single Version
Either Property & Financial Affairs or Health & Welfare.
£300Inc. VAT
Both Versions
Property & Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare.
Individual £500Inc. VAT
Couple £900Inc. VAT
Business Version
Property & Financial version tailored to your business.
£500Inc. VAT
*Please Note: There is an additional £82 registration fee per document payable directly to the Office of the Public Guardian.
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